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Anonymous said: Today my boyfriend commented on my stretch marks and told me how disgusting they were, Ive never been so embarrassed/hurt how can I get rid of them?


Get rid of them? Girl, the only thing we are getting rid of is your weak bitch of a boyfriend.

Would you be okay with your daughter dating a boy who said that to her? No. Your body should be respected, praised and loved no matter it’s marks or story.

You will find a man who sees beauty in your tiger marks. This BOY you are with, he isn’t able to handle a woman.

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How to peel apples

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Soho Square in Soho, Borough of Westminster.


Soho Square in Soho, Borough of Westminster.

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Kelsey Garrity-Riley

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hey, i’m annika & you’re rlly cute ;)


hey, i’m annika & you’re rlly cute ;)

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Fox spent much of its VMA coverage questioning Beyonce’s ability to promote feminism while being "extremely sexual."  

Megyn Kelly labeled Beyonce’s message and lyrics as “skanky,” while a FoxNews.com article claimed the singer “seemed to ensure her behind was the focus on each song, all the while educating young viewers about feminism.”

On The Five, Fox hosts suggested “she’s auditioning for a future husband,” and Greg Gutfeld announced that ”the greatest thing about pop culture is convincing women that acting like strippers is empowering.” 

What Fox failed to recognize is that expressing sexuality does not automatically remove a woman’s right to discuss equality. Instead, the network righteously slut-shamed Beyonce and used her performance as basis to attack feminism as a whole. In reality, such policing of women’s sexuality has harmed progress toward equality. The very same mindset has been used to dismiss women’s need to access contraception, and blame rape survivors for their own assaults. 

If anyone is going to be shamed, it should be Fox and its irresponsible coverage of women’s issues. 

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people who feel comfortable pooping anywhere other than their house are not to be trifled with

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Chicago ~ 29/8

Chicago ~ 29/8

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